All united for a cleaner port!

21 November 2022

The annual operation to clean the Old Port of Golfe-Juan took place on Thursday 20th October. Here’s a recap on the event, which is essential for the life of the port.

Every year, the teams of the Old Port of Golfe-Juan organise an operation to clean up part of the quays, the body of water and the riprap of the port seawall.  It is important to remember that the port, which is “Clean Ports” certified, is involved throughout the year in a range of environmental actions and construction projects that systematically take into consideration the associated environmental impacts.

This year’s cleaning operation involved Quai Saint Pierre, Quai Tabarly (on pontoons G, H, I, J) and the foot of the Eastern boatyard area for the underwater part, and the seawall of the southern quay, the beach riprap by the Indigo Park car park and the separation between the car park and the Port of Golfe-Juan for the inland part.

Forty volunteers (including eight divers) came together on the morning of 20th October. They collected no less than 5 m3 of waste during the operation, which ended with a friendly lunch at the port for all participants.