Tips for safe sea journeys

19 September 2022

Pleasure boaters, do you have all the information you need before setting sail? Make sure you travel safe by checking some helpful websites before you set off.

1 – Keep up to date on any sea emergencies

Consult all coast guard and local navigational warnings issued by France or the maritime authorities along the coast of mainland France and that of France’s overseas departments and territories via SHOM.

Consult navigational warnings (

2 – Obtain specific and local information

CROSS centres (regional surveillance and rescue centres) provide a public service 24/7. They provide pleasure boaters with specific, local and timely information.

Visit the CROSS MED (Mediterranean) website

3 – Check the shipping forecast before you set sail

The shipping forecast provides pleasure boaters with a host of technical information to help you prepare your excursion effectively, avoiding bad weather: wind speed and direction, temperature, humidity, sunrise and sunset times, moon phase and atmospheric pressure, for example.

There are two ways of consulting the shipping forecast:

  • The weather forecast available on the Port of Golfe-Juan website,
  • The Old Port of Golfe-Juan weather station, which reopened recently. You can consult it by creating a customer account via the WeatherLink website or the WeatherLink app*.

*Available on Apple Store and Google Play

Happy sailing!