The drought warning is extended once again

12 September 2022

Due to the weather conditions, washing your vehicle or boat is now prohibited in the municipality of Vallauris. This restriction applies to the Old Port of Golfe-Juan.

The 06 department is covered by a “drought” warning

The Alpes-Maritimes department has been covered by a “drought” warning since 9 March 2022. Water use therefore remains subject to control in the region. A new prefectoral order was published on 17 August*, banning the washing of vehicles, sea craft (with or without an engine) and boats until 18 September.

The legal order only provides for one exception: professional water-efficient service stations and vehicles and sea craft that have a regulatory or technical obligation to be clean, as well as vehicles belonging to safety-related organisations.

Impact on yachting, parks and gardens                  

This measure has significant consequences, especially for yachts, whose crews often wash the vessels daily using large amounts of water.

Parks and gardens are also concerned: no watering between 9 am and 7 pm.

*Consult the prefectoral order