Pleasure boaters, look after the environment in your port!

9 September 2022

All summer, the Pavillon Vert environmental protection campaign will be in full swing at the Old Port of Golfe-Juan.

Certified “Clean Ports” since 2014, the Port of Golfe-Juan is once again rolling out the Pavillon Vert campaign. From July onwards, the port’s teams will make contact with you to tell you more about the good environmental practices to be adopted at the port, and how to go about doing your bit.

Waste sorting, using biodegradable, eco-designed products whenever possible, keeping your water and power consumption to a minimum… These are just a few essential day-to-day habits that help protect the environment.

Facilities to help you

There are several collection points at the port to dispose of your waste. Two waste disposal points for hazardous waste are available free of charge. Located on Quai Saint-Pierre and Quai Napoléon, they provide a way of collecting waste generated by maintenance and repair work carried out on vessels: bilge water, used engine oil, contaminated materials, etc.

To avoid any wastewater from boats being discharged into the Mediterranean, with the goal of preserving water quality and marine biodiversity, the port operates a pumping station for wastewater from vessels. Directly connected to the sewerage system, this free service is accessible at the reception quay for small and medium-sized leisure boats.

Gift bags up for grabs

Once the port’s teams have told you about the campaign, you will receive a gift bag containing products that are in tune with the values and philosophy behind this campaign.

This year’s gifts include: soap bars in cardboard packaging, an eco-friendly shampoo bar in paper packaging, eco-friendly, zero-waste toothpaste tablets to chew, and bin bags for rubbish and packaging.