Pavillion Vert Campaign: look after the environment!

9 June 2023

This 2023 summer season, the Pavillion Vert campaign is returning to the Old Port of Golfe-Juan. The campaign aims to raise awareness of environmental protection among pleasure boaters.

The campaign, which will begin in mid-June, is part of the approach put in place in 2014 by the “Clean Ports” certified Old Port. The aim is to raise awareness among both permanent and passing pleasure boaters of environmental protection and looking after the environment at ports.

Some daily actions favouring the environment are the same as those taken at home:

  • Monitoring energy and water consumption,
  • Separating waste and disposing of it in the appropriate places at the port,
  • Favouring biodegradable and eco-friendly products.


Others, however, are more specific to leisure boating:

  • Applying the drought policy*,
  • Using the sanitary facilities available at the port,
  • Eliminating all discharges of waste water in the port or coastal strip by using the pumping station for waste water located at the Reception Quay (free service) or using a specialised company.


Once they have been made aware of this by the port’s teams when passing through the port’s office, pleasure boaters will receive a “welcome kit”. This contains a Pavillion Vert card explaining eco-friendly actions, as well as a gift bag: digital card (QR code), eco-certified shampoo and soap bars, and toothpaste tablets to avoid tubes.


* Available at