The right habits for waste sorting

15 February 2021

The Port of Golfe-Juan is committed to ensuring effective waste management

Various collection points and services are available to pleasure boaters for household waste, glass, used oil, batteries, wastewater, etc. We help you make sense of it all.

As part of the “Clean Port” certification requirements, the Port of Golfe-Juan is committed to ensuring effective waste management. For this reason, several collection points are available to help pleasure boaters sort their waste and reduce their environmental impact.

Fixed bins available for non-hazardous waste

As a reminder, non-hazardous waste such as household waste must be placed in the fixed bins available on the quays and at the entrance to each jetty. There are three collection points for your cardboard and newspapers (behind the Harbourmaster’s Office, on Quai Saint-Pierre and Quai Napoléon).

Two waste disposal points for waste classed as hazardous

Two waste disposal points are available for this type of waste: dirty packaging, bilge water, used oil, oil and diesel filters, batteries and dirty cloths. They are located on Quai Saint-Pierre and Quai Tabarly. Distress flares, fire extinguishers and gas cylinders cannot be left at these waste disposal points. The port also provides a wastewater (lavatories, shower, washing-up water) pumping station located on the reception quay. You will need to request a token from the Harbourmaster’s Office beforehand. All of these habits are essential in order to protect the port environment! If you fail to comply with the waste disposal plan, or leave any kind of unauthorised litter or waste behind, you will be charged. The port also plans to make some changes to the way the waste disposal points operate. For example, it plans to set up a badge access system and install CCTV at each of the collection points.

Skips available on request

For all your specific needs (large volume of waste, special categories of waste not mentioned above), you need to make a formal request 48 hours in advance, so that we can provide you with a skip or arrange for a special collection of waste that you are not allowed to leave at the port’s waste disposal points.