A new service to preserve the port’s water quality

25 February 2022

Golfe-Juan pleasure boaters, please use the “bilge” water pump to avoid any pollution spillages in the Mediterranean and to preserve the water quality and marine biodiversity.

A handheld pump for “bilge” water

The device has recently been installed by the port. With a 9.5-litre capacity, this handheld pump for “bilge” water helps to collect hydrocarbon water from the vessel. This waste water is then drained into special containers at waste disposal points at the Quai Saint Pierre and Quai Napoléon.  The aim is to avoid spillages, particularly when automatic bilge pumps set off.

How do you use the “bilge” water pump?

1 . Connecting the flexible hose to the pump

Push the end of the hose into the pump and turn anticlockwise to lock it

2. Operating the pump

Keep the end of the hose in the water and operate the pump with the handle around ten times to create a vacuum. The liquid will automatically be sucked up into the pump’s reservoir. Hydrocarbon water is inflammable, pay close attention while removing it.

3. Emptying the reservoir

To remove the end of the hose, turn it clockwise and pull it out. Do not fully tilt the reservoir when emptying it in order to keep the safety valve away from the liquid. The reservoir must be rinsed after use.

To use the device, pleasure boaters should ask the port office for all the practical details.

Please be careful, this pump can only be used for pumping bilge water, pumping/draining oils or any other liquid is not allowed.